My First Placement Experience

It was the day before my first interview. I edited my resume more than 25 times and printed it 4 times 4 copies of it because of small mistakes and printed all the required documents. The company was Larsen and Toubro which was going to give a package of 4.8 lacs. It was a handsome package for students of my college. Around 600 students of two colleges, wanted to be placed.  I was sure that I could easily crack aptitude and Group discussion because I had confidence in my practice of the last week.  I was thinking about the interview how I could give my best. I went to sleep at 1:30 am wondering how would be the interview.

It was all started with early in the morning. I wake up at 5:30 am because we were told that placement talk will be started at 6:15 am. I reached auditorium at 6:20 am. Hopefully, Placement Talk started at 7:30 am and ended around 8:30 am. The representatives of the company gave their speech. Every college doesn't have 600 computers with proper internet connecti…

Should we use fidget spinner?

A toy is becoming the biggest craze of this year among youth which is called as Fidget spinner. It is nothing but the small hand holding device made up of metal and plastic and ceramics. It consists a bearing at its center and having a balanced structure required for rotation. 
Fidgeting is not a new human behavior. Fidgeting is an act of moving about restlessly. Sometimes it may be due to genes. It is unconscious behavior. Fidgeting may involve playing with one's finger, Hair or clothing item. It burns extra calories. Research shows that children that were allowed to fidget with their hands perform better in memory and learning test however it's always annoying to others especially parents and teachers.
The study says that Fidget spinner helps people having trouble with focusing or fidgeting by relieving nerve energy or psychological stress. It generates a little sound. Spinning time always depends on a quality of bearing used in it. Spinner with German bearing last for 9-11…

Google's Arts and culture app seems like "Digital Museum"

Google announced the launch of Art and culture app which allows users to explore art, History, and wonder of the world from more than 70 countries.

You can explore artworks, artifacts and more from over 850 museums, archives and organizations and can read stories and history. You are able to take a 360-degree panoramic tour of museums, heritage sites and landmarks through this app.It works with the Virtual Reality devices like Google Cardboard. It seems like we can take a virtual tour and read an article about ancient museum things like paintings, statues etc. of any museum anytime from anywhere. They are also providing map facilities of the museum.

It has three tabs of art, history, and wonder. It also having a menu like partners, projects, Artists, Mediums, Art Movements, Historical events and Historical figures and places  Google has partnered with various museums, art galleries, historical foundations and parks and also the locations themselves to bring this experience to smartphon…

India Before and After liberalization

Before 1991 in India, rules, and laws which were aimed at regulating the economic activities becomes major hindrances in growth and development and became a reason to occur economic crises. So Liberalization was introduced by PM P.V. Narasimha Rao and finance minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to put an end to these restrictions and open up various sectors of Indian economy in 1991. Liberalization Led to significant impact on various sectors like, Industrial sector: Earlier price, production, distribution of a product etc. were fully controlled by government. People of India have to take permission for start new enterprise and before shut it down forever. Now private industries are liberal they are free to make decisions regarding price, productions and distribution. Only public sectors like Defense equipment, Nuclear energy and Railway are run by government. Now a days government of India is highly focusing on industrial sector by providing encouragement, training, awards and rewards or platf…