Should we use fidget spinner?

A toy is becoming the biggest craze of this year among youth which is called as Fidget spinner. It is nothing but the small hand holding device made up of metal and plastic and ceramics. It consists a bearing at its center and having a balanced structure required for rotation. 

Fidgeting is not a new human behavior. Fidgeting is an act of moving about restlessly. Sometimes it may be due to genes. It is unconscious behavior. Fidgeting may involve playing with one's finger, Hair or clothing item. It burns extra calories. Research shows that children that were allowed to fidget with their hands perform better in memory and learning test however it's always annoying to others especially parents and teachers.

The study says that Fidget spinner helps people having trouble with focusing or fidgeting by relieving nerve energy or psychological stress. It generates a little sound. Spinning time always depends on a quality of bearing used in it. Spinner with German bearing last for 9-11 minutes. Bullet style fidget spinner spins for about 6.5-7 minutes.

Some advertisements say that fidget spinner helps to reduce stress, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD). It can completely stop bad habits like smoking, tapping foots, clicking pans.

It is popular because it's handy, cheap, small size and fun. A wide range of designs and materials are available for it. It can help you to stay awake. Help you to wait for someone and something.
Batman Style Fidget Spinner

Captain America Style Fidget Spinner

It's a good choice for time killing. If you really want to reduce stress and lift up your Focus then go for Ancient Indian concepts like Dhyana, Yog, and Pranayam because you can do it without any fees. (For Learning, Courses are available on Youtube). It's 100% working.

It's just a new dumb trend like Pokemon GO game and not going to be last for more than two years. 

Good working Fidget spinner are available in the price range of 3 to 10$.

We can make it even at our home within maximum 2-4$ cost. Here is an idea.  Just make it on your own. I am sure it will be fun. You will feel that you are an engineer maker of everything. 
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